Cleopatra Cosulet



2000 – University of Economic Studies – International Economic Relations

2015 June – Assamblage – Contemporary Jewelry School – Basic One

2015 Octomber – Assamblage – Contemporary Jewelry School in collaboration with Alchimia Florence – Metal Marriage

2016 June – Assamblage – Contemporary Jewelry School Alternative – resin workshop with Alina Carp


A journey through the history and future of the jewel – Second Edition” – Organized by Assamblage – National Association of Authors and Designers of Contemporary Jewelry with financial support of AFCN – The Administration of The National Cultural Fund and dedicated to the Dacian treasure. Implicitly collection could be seen in this exhibition at the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca and in Bucharest, at the National History Museum of Romania – June / July 2016

ZAIN – Design Expressions 2016 November 2016

ROOM 40 @ RDW 2017 – Organized by Assamblage – The National Contemporary Jewelry Association x Simplu.MakerShop , curated by: David Sandu – May 2017.

Room 40 is one of the most famous offices in World War One dedicated to the cryptanalysis of secret messages. Almost 100 years later, it becomes an interactive exhibition at Romanian Design Week, dedicated to the understanding of the process behind contemporary jewelry design. The installation is a challenge to regard jewelry as a way to convey meaning and represents an engaging metaphor for communication, symbols and language in design.

International fairs

AUTOR 13 – International Contemporary Jewelry Fair – May 2015

AUTOR 14 – International Contemporary Jewelry Fair – November 2015

AUTOR 15 – International Contemporary Jewelry Fair – April 2016

AUTOR 16 – International Contemporary Jewelry Fair – May 2017


Krama Institute Award at AUTOR 15 – April 2016

Arts & Cafts Design Award 2016 – Certificate of Excellence

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