Shapes in that roll Collection

Pandemic piece, resulting from materials existing in that place, at the time when it all started. Away from my workshop.

Terrarium (Tincal Lab challenge 2021) Collection

Similar and yet so different, we’re all recipients of Soul, carrying it during our lifetime, enriching it, sharing it. Human nature is being shaped by everything around, and its response touches the surroundings, changing them, in a recurring evolutionary process. We’re part of everything, both actors and viewers of the great show of life. Preserving it in all its forms must become a conscious goal, for we need nature to continue our trip further to future.

herbarium 1

Herbarium Collection

What comes around, goes around

Update Collection

Times changed. Things stopped to be as they used to be. Someone pressed a huge RESET button and an entire world is now recovering. Maybe not only from medical issues but also from being too busy, superficial and insensitive. Forgotten roots are brought back from oblivion and we all seem to remember to enjoy life. We now beautifully rise again, hopefully in better versions.

The choice of the shapes (suggesting rosebuds) was not accidental. The reason of it was the fact that the word ROSE has two meanings: rose – the flower and rose – the simple past of the verb RISE.
The choice of the materials was also a conscious one. During a month and a half of the declared national state of emergency, in a place far from home, without materials, tools, studio, these are exactly the materials I experimented with.

Acta, Non Verba 2-s

Acta, Non Verba Collection

Tell me, what can I do?
To turn ashes in gardens,
To make lakes out of piles,
To shape deserts into leaves,
And cast the nothing into petals?
Tell me, and I’ll tell you
A bit is not enough.
But your careful act and thought
And mine
Will be priceless, for all the time.

Vade Mecum Collection

From the Latin vāde (“go!, walk!”), the second-person singular, present active imperative of vādō (“I go, I walk”) + mēcum (“with me”), literally meaning “go with me”.

Memories, untouchable but strong, shaped by us and shaping us, connect us to roots and help us build lifepaths. Certain objects may catch certain soul significations, but memories are always there, inside us, everywhere. Today, I’ll let memories to emerge into real. Memories from childhood, the passion and love, motherhood and the miracle of live, immaterial proofs of belonging, are now tangible and wearable belongings.

Vademecum 3-s

Manifesto (Tincal Lab challenge 2019) Collection

Dare to say what you mean
Dare to say No
Dare to say Yes
Dare to act as you feel
Dare to like something or not
Dare not to know what to do
Dare to do what you know you should do.
Dare to be You.

Cogito, Ergo Sum Collection

The act of thinking certifies human’s existence, according René Descartes principle (Discourse on the Method, 1637). In this context, the thought process must be initiated and its results achieved by questioning everything except certain intuitive values.
…we cannot doubt of our existence while we doubt, and that this is the first knowledge we acquire…” (René Descartes, Principles of Philosophy, 1644)
Starting from this point, man can be considered (in a personal approach) as a white page with intrinsic value. This initial assumption underlying the collection is suggested by using resin, white pigment and gold leaf. The white page becomes a story throughout man’s life. Surrounding inputs are received through man’s senses: our eyes can see, our ears can hear, our nose can smell them. Various stimuli are being processed and imprinted on our existence according to our unique structure. Most of the time, they condition our path, but should they? Or should we always doubt and question certitudes taken from outside our inner self? Should we think and re-think known facts, habitude, rules? Should we build our steps on predetermined criteria or on our intuitive feelings about the world, in spite of all that we have learned and know? There are choices to make, based on our beliefs but are they truly ours or inherited and taken as such? Doubts rise questions, answers are given according to each individuality. They make us think and our story is written by ourselves.

Cogito, Ergo Sum - 01-s

Choices Collection

Moving from moderation to excess along with its evolution, humanity now reaches the point where the awareness of anomalies and their correction become vital. We produce more than we consume, we throw more than the environment can assimilate. Yet, it’s in our power to initiate (each of us) the steps of moving from this vicious modus vivendi to a responsible and life preserving one.

Morphosis Collection

Applying the classical definition of morphology in reverse, we obtain the true image of our everyday reality. At each moment, each of us acts on the environment in which he lives, modifying its structure and characteristics. In turn, it’ll exercise its influence (beneficial or not) upon us. It’s a cyclic circuit that perpetuates, fact which encourages awareness, commitment and active involvement.


Beholder's Eye Collection

Starting from the idea that empathy can give rise to superior alternative realities, the piece here invites to a game of imagination and willingness of acceptance. Immersion in the reality of the one who aims and shoots – on one side – and then in the one on which this destructive action is applied – on the other – discloses particular internal mechanisms of each. The confluence space of each’s actions effects thus becomes a place of multiple possibilities, directly conditioned by the ability of the protagonists to empathize, but also by their desire to restore balance and to evolve.

Pandora's Box Collection

Today grows from days that have passed and together they’re building up the future. The world evolves by cyclically crossing historical sequences determined by the unpredictability of human nature manifestations. Under these circumstances, a hypothetical ideal world could only be possible if humanity processes the past episodes correctly. Tending towards it, we go through natural stages caused by our need for knowledge, still not knowing how to avoid the inherent dark and troubled times.They divide, separate and isolate. The healing factor is hope, the omnipresent human constant, whose power rebuilds altered bonds.

Pandora s Box - 01-s
Resin Intermezzo - 11-s

Resin Intermezzo Collection

Pieces resulted from experimental approaches generated by ideas that imperatively demand the right to their own physical form.

Beyond Unknown (Tincal Lab challenge 2018) Collection

The steps made towards tomorrow turn the unknown into known. Will, wishes, curiosity and aspirations motivates humanity to build paths through possible but not always probable realities. Knowledge is aquired, stored, processed and allowes us to evolve. Questions are answered and and new ones are emerging. How far can we get? Where are the limits? Are there any? Individuality and uniqueness influence each response and determine each action. Human’s touch changes the world on his way through presumptions, assumptions and discoveries.

Beyond Unknown - 1-s
The World Inside - 6-s

The World Inside Collection

In a fast changing world, the ways of communication are diversified to meet the requirements of the present. If man’s belonging to the whole is an implicit one, the way he chooses to express himself defines him in his relationship with the world, highlighting his unique character. In this context, his personal creed can take physical form and build the desired connecting bridge with the others. An entire inner, dynamic, heterogeneous universe with emotions, feelings, sensations and perceptions of different nature and intensity is revealed here to the visitor with sincerity and transparency, inviting to reflection and interaction.

The Whole is made up of Pieces Collection

We are interactive defining particles of reality seen as a whole. Our individuality evolves, incorporating into the ego past and present particular fragments, searching for those that are still unknown but intended for us. We find our own ways of assimilating the episodes of our existence, then integrating them into our life experience. The sense of accomplishment and also the feeling of belonging to the universal whole is the constant challenge of the inner self, which assimilates and processes events and experiences. Our journey reveals its significance when particular landmarks are put together, although the uncertainty of the following acts remains. There are encrypted messages, and the key to understanding the ensemble is the very concept of the collection. Their deciphering and the act of will produce effects and cause reactions.


Humans & Humans Collection

Although valuable in itself, the human material behave differently in certain situations. Beyond conditionings due to external factors, free will differentiate reactions from one individual to another. Between the man who assumes consciously and interactive its destiny and the man who delegate that intrinsic right to others interfere the notion of verticality, of moral strength. The collection aims to highlight these two human types through materials (resin stable structures suggests strength, determination while silicone’s malleability makes references to the influencial character of the hesitant, inconstant human) and color choices (black as symbol of the lack of horizon and bright,contrasting colors as embodiment of hope and will).

Spicery Collection

Old as the world, they are today the detail behind this collection. Incorporates flavor and get you thinking about flavor and fragrance, taste and convenience. Today we add them a new valence: the decorative one. Wearing them, we let them carry us where each one of us want to reach. We let condiments to spice up our outfits today .


SilverShaped Collection

Inspirational and versatile, it can be modeled and can express with brilliance or discretion the idea and the word. It captures and monopolize and also adapts with grace. The Silver.

Implicitly Collection

Tied to the past, we move toward what it will be through a present that preserve the implicit intrinsic values which define us as a nation. The variable of the moment, different circumstances can bring them in a discernible plan. Perceptible or not – in fact conditioned by receiver’s dynamic , perspective, empathy – their existence is a certainty, even if it is an immaterial one. It’s the treasure hidden inside of us since ancient times, evidenced by the precious artifacts unearthed from the depths.


reCYCLE Collection

In the physical, concrete level, we are the result of our actions , reactions and interactions. Their amount structurally determine the whole assembly which we are part of. Its isuues are also ours issues. Yet by awarness and appropriate behaviour the equilibrium can be restored.

BRASSeries Collection

Playin’ the brass games, without any other purpose than obtaining forms and structures able to tell stories by themselves. It’s a generous playground, with endless possibilities, waiting to be discovered and be given shape. It’s the reason why the list is open, an new tales are about to come, and come.


HEARtales Collection

The whole is made up of pieces.
The Passion – inside us, coming into the world with power, giving us power, changing things, changing us, sometimes painful, but always treasured. It’s about You and Me. About Us. Together, we’re the heart.

BIT & BEAT Collection

Although infinitezimal and evanescent , the moment is a bit of the eternal beat of time. But our way to perceive it can change its  transiency. Since then, it becomes that moment – of peace, happiness, despair, courage – which leaves its mark on us and that we remember.


IN and OUT Collection

Individual’s becoming process  involves repeated forays into the unknown. Once assimilated, experiences become organic parts of its reality, the one where he feels safe and knows how to approache variables.

INITIATICollection Collection

The initiatory path, needed to transpose in fact the idea , can be seen as an inner journey that one follows in order  to reach the concrete stage . The collection parallels reality to imagination, in three distinct parts (The Copper Forest, The Silver Forest and The Gold Forest – also present in Romanian folklore) which are thresholds to be crossed by the aspirant , using his/her own resources : the balance between intuition and reason, passion and confidence.


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